Lapsed Historian - Because History is Fun. Honest.
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Lapsed Historian - Because History is Fun. Honest.
A website for long form history writing, such as The Longest Forecast, the story of the Meteorologist Eisenhower challenged to find the right day for D-Day. Also for sharing interesting history pieces found elsewhere as well.

I've been meaning for a while to put together a site that consolidates and (where useful) expands on historical pieces I have written for elsewhere on the web (including a couple of expanded Metafilter posts), and to act as a place to put pieces of new content that I don't really have a home for elsewhere.

Although all content currently up there is my own (links to external pieces aside), long-form contributions from others are welcomed and will feature, with two guest posts already in the works.

Subject matter is intended to be nice and diverse, and I'm actively soliciting contributions from writers I know whose areas of interest are very different from my own (I'm very conscious of the fact that I have a decidedly military/political/technological bent!).
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