Black And White (2014) 15mins
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Black And White (2014) 15mins
"Surviving a suprise sex party with your soul intact is tough. Welcome to the Black And White midnight party." - This is a nail-biting, brand new, Australian short that's just been released. ‘Black And White’ is a dark morality tale about a man that finds himself stuck at a sex party in the middle of nowhere. It’s about the horror of moral collapse and how we act when no one is watching. It's one of the most intense clips you'll watch all year.
Role: Writer/Director
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I liked that and it was quite striking, but it seems like the sort of thing that needs a trigger warning.
posted by XMLicious at 1:02 PM on June 6, 2014 [1 favorite]


Monologuing is a dangerous self-indulgence. Always just kill the bad guy! He doesn't need to know why you're killing him or how horrible it will be! Just get it over with!

I love horror, and this is very good work. The sound design in particular yields some really startling moments, especially if you're listening on headphones (I was). An impressive film.
posted by kittens for breakfast at 12:41 PM on June 7, 2014

Wow, this was horrifying, which was the point. I didn't expect that in such a short film. Well done.
posted by Chaussette and the Pussy Cats at 10:17 PM on June 25, 2014

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