Coachella Valley Photo Spheres Project (Tumblr)
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Coachella Valley Photo Spheres Project (Tumblr)
I want to map cool, interesting, and (mostly) scenic places in a region I live and drive around a lot in, and have come to appreciate and love. It happens to host the largest music festival in the USA at the moment. It's kind of a quiet, nice place to explore and relax in (though not as much in the scorching-hot summer).

I will be posting more "spheres" as the months go by, and hope to maybe get to the point where I'm getting cool submissions a few times a month, even. That would be cool! I can't wait to see what other cool places I find, or what really interesting user-submitted, Google approved, submissions come in, if any. For now I'm posting places I already know and like.

I'm excited to post stuff and share it with the internetz, this hasn't really happened much before.

What do you guys think? Any suggestions? I'm not really sure that it should be much more than just the title, the photo, and a caption not too distracting or irrelevant. But I'm open to any fun ideas or concepts you guys might have. You never fail to amaze and inform me, mefites!

Thanks for reading.

Role: Cell Phone Cartographer / Creator
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I'm nowhere near Coachella, but I do shoot spheres.

What hardware and software are you using?
posted by rlk at 5:17 PM on May 26, 2014

rlk: I'm using the Galaxy Note 3 with Google Camera to stitch together these photo spheres.
posted by fantodstic at 11:04 PM on May 26, 2014

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