Keepskor: Build games around the people you follow on Twitter and Instagram [iOS]
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Keepskor: Build games around the people you follow on Twitter and Instagram [iOS]
Do you use Twitter? Instagram? Don't you wish there was a more fun way to look at the feeds than just a list of tweets? With Keepskor, you can build mini-games ("Who said it?" or "Who shot it are our first ones) that allow you to challenge this vs. that.

Our goal is to build a platform that allows anyone to create games around "big data" and make social fun again for content consumers. We realize we still have some work to do on look and feel but this is our first iteration and we're pretty proud of the several months of work we've put into it so far.

Unfortunately, we don't have an Android version yet so iOS 7 only for now.

Please download it and tell me what you feel about it.
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A few notes after downloading and trying it out, and I admit upfront these are brusque because the app annoyed me at the end.

- The design is kind of all over the map. The logo looks nice and I think it's a good name, but the logo clashes a bit with the rest of the UI. Many parts of the UI look weird and custom and not like most apps I use. You should seriously consider adopting an existing layout engine or stick with more stock apple controls. The menus are strange looking when they should be predictable and look like other apps.

- I didn't have to create yet another account to use this, thanks for that.

I wired up my twitter account, then created a game between two similar friends. This had several problems after I quizzed myself with their tweets.

- I follow about 600 people on Twitter and scrolling through names to build a quiz was an insane amount of scrolling. I wish there was a search at the top to filter down my list to specific users.

- you should filter out any @reply tweets. Getting quizzed on Who said: "@randomuser123 YES" is pointless. Show only tweets without links or @ symbols in them, shouldn't be too hard to filter.

- There was no web view of my quiz, so I couldn't tell the people in the quiz to go look at this cool quiz I made of you, and their thousands of followers also couldn't see this quiz.

Later I found out from a friend when I first created the quiz and was happily playing it on my phone, there was a SPAM TWEET TELLING THE TWO PEOPLE IN THE QUIZ TO GO DOWNLOAD THE APP. I deleted the tweet, and the app soon after. That you auto-tweeted without asking me first is the worst possible offense. Worse yet, my friends mentioned couldn't even see the quiz I made that I actually did want to show them. Instead I saw this weird spammy tweet posted on my behalf without my knowledge that made me really angry. Don't ever let your apps auto-post tweets without a user's knowledge.

I hope this helps. Sorry for being angry but that interaction really pissed me off.
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First, before I go any further our apologies on the spammy thing. It's a bug in our system that is currently being addressed. Spamming is a thing I find horrible (and I've written about it in the past) so trust me this one is a VERY personal issue that we're working on fixing now.

In terms of the design, this is indeed something that we realize we need to work on. As mostly back-end guys on the team it's not our forte. We're looking to bring some real experience in a future version but for now we're kind of stuck with something that is more wireframe like than the full polished version (hence a project, not a finished product)

On the list search, we have that in the app (it's a search box at the top)

Good catch on the @reply tweets. Adding that to the list of to-dos.

We do intend to have a web view of the quizzes soon but wanted to get the app right first. So stay tuned on that one.

Fully understand being angry, you have all rights to be. That fix is the top thing on our list right now and we're doing a push into the app store today.
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I'm happy to report that Apple has approved our update and the Twitter bug is now gone. Thanks for catching it and sorry it was a problem :(

New version is now available at
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