PyMonad - Functional Programming in Python
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PyMonad - Functional Programming in Python
I wrote a little library for working with functors, applicative functors and monads in Python. You can grab it from the Python Package Index.

Of course you don't need monads to program in a functional style, but if you've ever wanted to play with monads or wondered what they were but didn't want to learn Haskell to do it...give PyMonad a shot. Features easily curried functions, straight-forward partial application, functor, applicative and monad operators and (so far) 4 predefined monads: Maybe, Either, List and Reader (names shamelessly borrowed from Haskell). It's written with Python 3 in mind but there isn't really anything fancy so it should mostly work with Python 2.x. There are a couple minor issues that turn up in the tests with Python 2.x, but nothing that should make it unusable and it'll get fixed as soon as I've got a few minutes to do it.

I'm working on more complete documentation as time permits but the "Getting Started" section at the pypi project page should help in the meantime.
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