Exponential Binary Clock Countdown
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Exponential Binary Clock Countdown
This is a fairly simple concept site to try to convey just how enormous exponential growth becomes. It counts to 2^63rd power at 100 increments per second, with notes about what might be happening when that next bit, in this case a square on an 8x8 grid, turns black. Hoping people can use it as a tool to inspire a little wonder in math.
Role: programmer
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This project was posted to MetaFilter by divabat on April 3, 2014: Exponential Binary Clock Countdown

Cool concept, I guess.
posted by scottymac at 10:00 PM on March 28, 2014

Nice. I like the reminder, because exponential changes remain hard to imagine.
posted by AaronDaMommio at 1:17 PM on April 3, 2014

Comment on the Mefi thread that's pertinent: the anti-seizure mode should be ON by default.
posted by divabat at 3:42 PM on April 3, 2014 [1 favorite]

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