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A page-a-week webcomic which I have been working on with the fabulously talented Davinder Brar since 2010, currently at just under 200 pages and three-quarters of the way through chapter 7 of 8. MAY OR MAY NOT CONTAIN: Viking analogues, undeads, mouthy street urchins, horrendously giant baddies, flying carpets, lack of flying carpets, magic runes, monkeys, monsters, PoC heroes, treachery, pirates, and true love.

The story started as a screenplay I wrote back in 2000 and which I have since adapted and, one hopes, improved upon. Davinder had to take a two-month break recently to finish his teaching college practicum and in the interim we did a nine-page prequel with Adam Prosser taking over art duties very capably, but now Davinder is back on board as we steamroll our way to the big finish.

Which is only the big finish to book one of a planned trilogy, because it's fantasy, you got to have a trilogy, you know?

Other things Davinder and I have collaborated upon include this short comic about Brainiac 5 of the Legion of Super-Heroes and The League of Extraordinary Gentlepersons 1996, which Metafilter previously discussed and which you can buy a print of here.
Role: I write it.
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If you want, you can start reading from the beginning.

I'm the site webmaster, and I put together the comic site.
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