Another Podcast Starring Two White Guys
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Another Podcast Starring Two White Guys
The Bad Memory Podcast (I know, the name is terrible) is a show where two dudes who live in New Jersey sit down and talk about whatever is on our mind. I know, it sounds terrible, but it's actually pretty funny.

The show has been going for almost a year now. It was originally intended to a vanity project where I interviewed my friends and relatives about myself. I'm always surprised by stories people tell about me because I have a terrible memory for events (hence the name). But, that was too much work, and it was a lot more fun and easy to talk about thing like what our favorite 80's action figures were (Centurions, obviously). The show is heavy on nostalgia and yelling. I end up playing the straight-man to my co-host Brian, who tries to upset my liberal sensibilities by saying vaguely racist things. Mostly we just talk about old cartoons Let me know if you like it.
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