Minecraft Labyrinth Map
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Minecraft Labyrinth Map
A few weeks ago my 8 year old daughter was set an assignment to bring an ancient Greek myth to life, and she decided to do the project in the game Minecaft. It ended up being something we worked on together most nights for a couple of weeks and we had a heap of fun. Now she needs something tangible to turn in, and some comments from other players would be ideal. So.. if you have the game installed and want to spend a few minutes enjoying our work please head over to http://labyrinth.tinla.com/ and follow the instructions.

There is a very short survey to complete, and solving the labyrinth itself doesn't take too long. Most players seem to take around 15 minutes.

Much of the construction was genuinely done by my 8 year old daughter so don't expect anything fiendish, but we're proud of it! (Oh, and for any pedants out there - we know this map is only very loosely based on the labyrinth and Minotaur myth ... but it is much more closely based on my daughter's imagination for what that's worth!)

Instructions and survey - http://labyrinth.tinla.com/
Minecraft server address - labyrinth.tinla.com
Role: Supervisor and assistant
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Thanks that was really cool! I hope Mia gets a good grade.
posted by jazon at 10:36 AM on December 6, 2013

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