Back Again?
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Back Again?
I wrote a Chrome extension that tells you how many times you've visited the page you're on, right in the button by the URL. Clicking the button gives you a graph showing how many times you've visited the page in the last week.

I wrote it to help me be aware of my web usage generally and to help me avoid that thing where you reopen the same sites multiple times a day, purely as reflex. It's helped in some cases and hasn't changed anything in others, but either way, I like having the information handy.

If you're interested, here's the source.
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This is awesome. (A more paranoid version of me would be worried how you knew I've wanted something like this lately without me ever telling anyone, but I'm just happy to have it.)
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I've visited Twitter 43 times today! That's got to be good for some sort of prize.
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This has caused me to stop opening and closing Twitter incessantly (out of embarrassment at 70 or 80 visits/day) and just leave it in an open tab!

That sounds like it's not any better, but it's actually much better: the compulsive open-tab nothing-new close-tab oooh-check-twitter? behavior was terrible, but now I actually don't check it unless I see there's something there.
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this is great
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Simple and valuable! I'm not really trying to change my surfing habits but it is surprisingly interesting to see that number increase on its own throughout the day :) Love the design and how you are able to look up visits from the history too.
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It provides simple, revealing information and I'm a bit apprehensive about using it. I have the same misgivings about stepping on my bathroom scale.
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