A Dangerous Woman Press
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A Dangerous Woman Press
A Dangerous Woman Press is my way of creating an ebook The World's Most Dangerous Woman that is a hybrid of short stories complete with mini-chapters that taken together, form a cohesive novel -- plus there are one shot stories and a companion magazine that takes the supporting characters related to the main book and gives them starring roles in their own serialized stories.

The flagship character, Miss Magnus Lyme is an international consultant and prim and proper punk who solves global mysteries with her Mycroftian methods -- but as she comes across different people in her work and leisure, A Dangerous Woman Magazine spins off those characters into serialized tales. Like cogwheels in a clock, the stories intersect whether they take place in the past or present. In a way, it is a way for readers to build their own book. There are two links to two sample chapters, but the idea of creating a mosaic of interlocking stories that can be enjoyed separately or as a whole always intrigued me. The main character is a strong, but friendly heroine and her supporting cast aren't there just to prop her up. I wanted to start a venture like this one where the stories are eReader friendly and make it hard for anyone to lose their place as they are reading.
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