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I'm a thesis year graduate student in graphic design at The Rhode Island School of Design. From my perspective, it is important for me to establish a personal critical methodology that generates the thesis context itself. I am beginning to do so with my 5 Theses for a Thesis project. In an effort to thematize distribution channels (which is part of my thesis) and gather feedback, I have posted these five theses in a variety of platforms.

My five theses for a thesis are:
  1. Content and objects have their own logic — make that logic manifest.
  2. Critical graphic design engages with the conditions of its manufacture and / or its distribution.
  3. Information theory provides an interpretive and generative platform for design operations.
  4. Our cultural condition is that of the network. While closed systems exist, objects and events can be characterized by a shift from closed systems to open systems.
  5. As a designer I am a creator of visual, verbal, and scripted systems. And, there is procedural pleasure in executing a system.
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