Discussing Dimensions - animations for Sixty Symbols and Numberphile
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Discussing Dimensions - animations for Sixty Symbols and Numberphile
I have been working with video journalist Brady Haran on a series of hand made animations for science videos. Other videos include:Numbers Confuse Americans, Maths Jokes Explained and Lagrange Points. I'm currently auctioning the drawings used to make the dimensions video here.
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Oh gosh, I loved that Math Jokes Explained video! So cool to see that the (rather nice) animation's done by a Mefite. Great work there, thank you!
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So has anyone answered the "triple" question? Maybe it doesn't happen enough to be standardized. There is 1 (or maybe One) fifth avenue in NYC. And I remember going to a party in the Bronx at 15 Dash Place (which we wanted to by an actual hyphen leading nowhere.)
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There were lots of answers, so nothing conclusive. Personally I have two doubles in my phone number and I say "double seven" and "zero zero" and I even mix up uses of zero and nought, I think it's all about rhythm and is different for everyone.
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Thanks for sharing these. My math phd dropout husband and I really liked how you animated the 2-D creature pondering a 3-D circle. Also zipper eating!
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