"The Accretion Disc", a techno soul LP
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"The Accretion Disc", a techno soul LP
Coalescing gradually like it's astronomical namesake, "The Accretion Disc" is an electronic music album collecting 13 of my favorite tracks from the past 13 years. Some of the songs have been out on vinyl before, and some of them have been posted to MeFi Music, but many have never been made available at all before now. The music is dense, melodic, Detroit-influenced techno and electro-funk, with an emphasis on soul, swing, squirty basslines, and catchy hooks. All of these tracks are deeply personal to me. If you enjoy the music of Underground Resistance, Fabrice Lig, Matthew Herbert, or Kevin Saunderson, you may find something you like. Pricing is pay-what-you-want, starting at $6, and I've set up a special offer code for MeFi that will knock another 10% off. Simply enter the word "ponyrequest" at checkout (without the quotes).

13 tracks of dense, melodic, Detroit-influenced techno and electro-funk
Role: composer and producer
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