Ever Upward - blogging about Space for Tor.com
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Ever Upward - blogging about Space for Tor.com
Since early this year, I've been writing periodically about the science and engineering details behind current and upcoming NASA missions; most recently, I've posted a 27-page comic about a trip I made to the Kennedy Space Center to watch a satellite launch. There's an enormous amount of exciting work being done right now, and I'm doing my best to give a small cross-section of it a little more attention.

Posts that I've made so far:

Experience NASA Firsthand—Rocket Launch Included
Earlier this year, I attended a NASA event at Kennedy Space Center on the occasion of an Atlas V launch, which would carry a new TDRS communications satellite into orbit. In this 27-page comic, I talk about the fantastic people I met at KSC and what I learned about future NASA endeavors.

The Case for Liquid Water on Mars
Recent observations suggest that, under certain circumstances, liquid water may flow on the Martian surface.

Martian Discoveries and the Logistics of Curiosity
What the MSL Curiosity has found, and how its instruments work together to collect that data.

LADEE Captures the Primal Lunar Sky
A new satellite, launching this September, will investigate the delicate lunar atmosphere.

Next on the docket: information about the Space Launch System -- NASA's new heavy-lift rocket -- and the companion Orion capsule!
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You can now buy this comic as a mini, if you're so inclined!
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