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I'm working on this little toy that takes subsequences from the hexadecimal expansion of pi and represents them as 500x500px images.

The quick rundown is that it grabs 500x500 24-bit pixels' worth of bytes from the first billion digits of pi and then turns it into an image with PIL, then you can vote on the ones that look like something cool. There's definitely some humorous intent here because they obviously all look pretty much the same, but I'm thinking about some avenues involving treating the substrings as compressed data, or screening the results for some interestingness criteria, that might result in more compelling images. Anyway, it's pretty much done, although I plan to add some things to make it a little more user- and server-friendly like pagination which I didn't think about as I was testing it.
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This is very silly in just the right sort of way.
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Oddly, at my iPad's resolution there seems to be a grid pattern. But it's obviously a screen effect because it goes away when you zoom in.
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If you scroll it up & down really quickly, and then just open your mind to possibilities, you start to "see" stuff. I used to do the same thing with blank UHF channels when I was a kid. They're heeeere....
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