SpitShake: Free Contracts for Ridiculous Wagers
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SpitShake: Free Contracts for Ridiculous Wagers
This site came about after a friend attempted to eat 6 Arby's roast beef sandwiches in an hour, on a dare. Halfway through, an argument ensued about the terms... and we found ourselves wishing we had some kind of formal document, listing out all the rules of the bet. In a nutshell, SpitShake lets you create a free, customizable contract that you can print out for everyone involved to sign.

For each contract you can specify the participants, assign a 3rd-party arbiter, and list out the conditions for success/failure (as well as the consequences for each). So far, it's pretty perfect for food challenges and bets involving the outcome of sporting events.

There's also a way for people to submit challenges they've done, but the site is primarily a way to let people quickly whip up a contract to print out. On a technical note, the whole thing is built through a combination of WordPress and Gravity Forms, and is my first attempt at a WordPress Multisite.
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If there were a way to sign this without printing it, like with your finger on a phone or something, I could see this being very popular.

I say this as a person who has actually drawn up contracts for bets and deals with weaselly little brothers and such.
posted by phunniemee at 6:45 AM on March 6, 2013

Site is down but I like the idea and love the name.
posted by Foci for Analysis at 8:21 AM on March 6, 2013

My host had some problems this AM it seems. Should be back up now. PS: Thanks for the kind words. I love that I got two votes while the site was unavailable.
posted by avoision at 10:45 AM on March 6, 2013

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