3500: An Autistic Boy's Ten-Year Romance with Snow White
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3500: An Autistic Boy's Ten-Year Romance with Snow White
Last June I wrote a series of six blog posts about my autistic son's experience during the final night of operation for Snow White's Scary Adventures at Walt Disney World (MeFi Projects page, posted on the Blue). I was encouraged to write a novel about my son's entire experience, and as of this morning the novel has launched and is available through my website in signed and standard print editions, as well as through Amazon in both print and Kindle editions.

3500: An Autistic Boy's Ten-Year Romance with Snow White - book page at Shmoolok.com

Trade Paperback on Amazon.com

Kindle on Amazon.com

New York Times best-selling author Cory Doctorow (Craphound.com, BoingBoing.net) read the book and offered the following pull-quote,which is featured on the back cover and inside teaser page:

"Brimming with heart and tragedy overcome, this is a book that captures the tribulations of parenthood, the magic of Disney World, and the wonderful online communities that allow us to lend aid and comfort to strangers around the world."

Needless to say, I am both thrilled and honored that Cory enjoyed my book. I hope you might enjoy it as well.
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Fantastic! I loved your original post, and I think this looks great. Congratulations for writing it.
posted by xingcat at 10:55 AM on February 15, 2013

Boing Boing just posted a review:

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Downloaded! I like that you mention that this isn't the magical story of a "cured" autistic child and you explain why his mom's side of the family is less highlighted and saying that you two aren't together anymore while still giving his mom props for being great at being a mom.

And that's just the introduction!
posted by xingcat at 1:53 PM on February 16, 2013

Thank you. I felt like it was okay for me to be vulnerable and admit to some of my less charitable moments, but I have no interest whatsoever in bashing the mother of my child in public. It's just not relevant.
posted by Lokheed at 4:20 PM on February 16, 2013

Congratulations! It is such a great story.
posted by Glinn at 8:52 AM on February 18, 2013

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