Snow White's Scary Adventures - A Retrospective
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Snow White's Scary Adventures - A Retrospective
Tomorrow, May 31st, will be the last day of operation for the ride Snow White's Scary Adventures at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. The ride has played a significant role in my family's life for the past decade (my son is autistic, and has ridden the ride more than 3,400 times), and I wrote a retrospective about the history of the ride. This is a subject that is too close for me to post on the Blue, but Matthowie and Jessamyn both suggested that I post about it here. The linked blog post itself contains links to a four part series about my son, and also a link in the footnotes to the single best reference site on the web for the ride in all its permutations. I know it's just a silly old fairy tale dark ride, and not on many people's "must-see" list when they come to Disney World, but I hope my article can help at least a few people understand why it really is an important piece of history.
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Wow, that is an amazing story. Thank you for sharing it. You might not be able to post it to the Blue, but I can right? If not, the mods can delete it. It won't be my first deletion.
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What a cool kid.
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As a follow up, here is the series of posts I wrote about my son's last night with Snow White's Scary Adventures. It was a truly remarkable evening.

SWSA Final Night - Prelude
SWSA Final Night, Part 1 - The Beginning of the End
SWSA Final Night, Part 2 - The Fairest One of All
SWSA Final Night, Part 3 - Counting Up, Counting Down
SWSA Final Night, Part 4 - The Big Ending
SWSA Final Night - Epilogue
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