IronLizard's Workshop
June 9, 2006 3:24 PM

IronLizard's Workshop
I just wanted to introduce my blog (I do hate that word) and a couple of projects I've posted on it. My favorite is the butchering of an old TuneCast I dug out of the car to boost it's power beyond anything reasonable. Then there's the cheap way to replace your cracked window 'squeegee' on your car window and of course the jerry rigged patch of a leaking plastic intake manifold that GM completely dropped the ball on. (This one is the most Googled. Visits from NASA, GM and even Lockheed Martin had a peek. Hey guys, I'm available for design work! I can’t be much worse than what you've been doing.) Really this is just the simplest way I've found of collecting various mini-projects into one easy to update spot. Sometimes things don't go quite as planned in a moderately spectacular fasion.
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