Site for new teachers in New York City
June 7, 2006 8:10 PM

Site for new teachers in New York City
As I've discovered this first year, teaching HS english is very, very hard. Physically and mentally. Going to grad school at night makes things more difficult. I decided that, as this first year ends, creating a website where new NYC teachers can go for advice, to vent, to swap stories, etc, would be a very good thing. As you'll see, the content thus far is fairly sparse, but I'm in the midst of recruiting other teachers who have just gotten over their first year. If you are one such teacher, or are just starting, or have taught for several years but never had a venue for complaining about your administration or praising your golden child, drop me an email. The more teachers who get involved, the better for everyone. Also, any suggestions/feedback/constructive criticism on the design and layout of the site, that would be much appreciated. You'll notice that my actual name does not appear anywhere on the site. Nor will any teachers. I want confidentiality to be a key component for posting.
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