Piquant - Discreet reads for Discerning readers
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Piquant - Discreet reads for Discerning readers
There is an enormous amount of free erotic writing on the internet, so signing up for a newsletter might seem a bit redundant. However, I thought there would be some advantages to a text only newsletter, so I developed one. (Note: some of the images on the website may be NSFW where you are).

Most of those advantages are summed up in the line ‘Discreet reads for Discerning readers’.

Yes, there is a whole lot of free smut on the internet. And much of the erotic writing you can find is quite good. However, often if not usually it is on a site that also includes lots of nudity, pornagraphic images, pop-up ads for all kinds of services and various other ‘adult things’. Now, I don’t have a problem with adult images and celebrations of sexuality – but sometimes you don’t want to be broadcasting that to the world. Maybe you just want to read on your morning commute, or while waiting for the kids to finish sports practice, or on your coffee break at work* without worrying about people looking over your shoulder and seeing something that will cause eyebrow raising, Piquant fits the bill. The newsletter is completely text based with no pictures. Beautifully designed, lovely to look at as well as read text of course.
* While the newsletter is discreet in design and subject line, it does concern a lot of adult material and corresponding adult language. It’s up to you to decide if your workplace email regulations will have a problem with that or not.

More importantly, while there is some great erotic writing around the internet, there is also a LOT of dross. So I am committed to featuring great, smart, well crafted writing.
Role: Developed and run it
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