Macaronics: improve your ability to read & write real Japanese
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Macaronics: improve your ability to read & write real Japanese
This a site I created as a hobby, to help my own self-study in Japanese, inspired by a trip to Japan last year. If you signup, it'll send you a regular translation assignment by email, with a sentence in Japanese to translate into English (and, as a friend pointed out, there was no reason not to allow the reverse, so you can also choose to get sentences in English and translate those into Japanese).

There's furigana for each word, and if you highlight a particular word or phrase with your mouse, it will look up its meaning for you in the same window (basically, I got tired of cutting and pasting unknown words into dictionaries, so I automated the process).

I love to hear what language students here think; I'm also interested in expanding beyond Japanese, so if people can suggest other languages (and, just as importantly, well-written web content in those languages), please comment or contact me though the site.

Role: concept originator programmer designer
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