Good at color recognition? Play Color&Speak!
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Good at color recognition? Play Color&Speak!
You are an Android user? In the Google Play Store reside numerous games for users to pass the time. The new app "Color&Speak" broadens this variety with a little game of color recognition. Have fun!

In each of the six rounds played a matrix of words is shown on the screen. The words are colors and one of them is framed. The task is not to read out the framed word but rather to recognize and say the color in that the word is written. The speech recognition in Color&Speak will try to understand the color said. The player obtains points for correctly recognized colors. The faster the color is recognized and spoken the more points the player gets. Color&Speak maintains a high score list and can manage several players.

The download of the app is free. Admittedly a banner ad is shown. The search of "Color&Speak" in the Google Play Store provides the download site.
Role: programmer, designer
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