Trabant #5, a zine about attending professional circus school
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Trabant #5, a zine about attending professional circus school
I just finished producing an 88-page zine about my experiences attending a nine-month professional circus training program last year. I've been performing circus since 2007 but recently went back to school for it. The zine describes my experiences training handstands, trapeze, etc. some 30 hours a week. Elation, discouragement, health challenges, self-care, the creation process. Things you may know nothing about (circus!) and everything about (feeling passionate about something). The zine also includes 20 handstand self-portraits. It's $3.

This past September I spent 2 weeks as the artist-in-residence at Roberts Street Social Center, a community art space in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where I created Trabant #5, the fifth issue of my personal zine. This issue features writing about circus training, self-care, illness and injury, community, and the process of creating circus art. Trabant #5 is for sale to anyone anywhere for $3 a copy.

A zine is a self-published, handmade booklet, made as art rather than for profit. I've been writing Trabant since 2005; past issues of the zine explore my experiences discovering and training circus arts, the choices I make around being active versus being still, my cravings for adventure, my daily life in New York City, and my relationship with art-making. I've also written zines about my adventures in mental health, NYC, and ballet; you can find them all on my personal web site at (For more about me as a circus performer, visit
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