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In 2009, after I turned 56, I fathered my first child. Since all her extended family members live in other countries, I started a daily photo blog, to record her growth.
I love my baby with all my heart. When she was about a year old, we took her to a street fair and a cartoonist drew a quick caricature of her face. That gave me the idea to start collecting artworks based on her pretty self. I guess I went a bit overboard, because yesterday she celebrated her third birthday, and the collection grew to 500 original art works from all over the world.

Many of those artworks are truly beautiful. Her are a few of my favorites:

Adora with Don Draper, Nosferatu, Mister Rogers, having breakfast at Tiffany, as Bowie and Superman.

Pencil drawings by Matt Swaim, by Dinhin Rakpongasoke and by Jayesh Sivan.

A sculpture by Pencho Dobrev.

Paper cuts by Richard B Schuchman, by Xiao Li and by Alexandru Razvan Cornici.

A story in 6 parts called Adora Secret Pet.

Etch-a-sketch by Kevin Kuramura.

A drawing in ink and tea by Carne Griffith, etc, etc.

In April, Illustrator Christine Elefsiniotis edited a short video of the first 300 artworks.

I hope to continue this project as she grows up, and wish that she will appreciate it looking back on her childhood.
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Aww, she is cute! I like this flowery watercolor one - it looks like it could be the cover of a children's book of some kind.
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Addictingly joyous. Thank you for sharing!
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(I am unhappy with the navigation on this tumblr but I don’t know how to improve it. For now, I’m just going to keep maintaining the blog. You can see it on a one page at the archives, by scrolling all the way down. Hopefully in the future, I’ll find somebody who'll be able to turn it into a more user-friendly site.)
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I love the video of you two with her face painting herself and you. So cute.
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Does she have a favorite?
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Does she have a favorite?
Until recently, she knew that daddy always shows her new artworks, but she really wasn't into the whole concept. In the last few months, she enjoys scrolling the main blog on her iPad and 're-living' her daily experiences by looking at the photographs that I post there daily. She loves especially our videos.
Of the artworks, she likes this, this, this & this.
(The Steampunk Adora is another of my favorites)
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I need to resubmit. I've improved in the interim. ;)
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I actually like Glinn's distinct style quite a lot. There are a couple other contributions from members of Metafilter in the archives.
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This is wonderful.... someone should post this to the blue...

and, it appears that your daughter has probably exhausted the world's allotment of "cute"...
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