Savings planner
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Savings planner
The thing started with a simple question: I have a savings plan without a fixed interest rate I regularly put money in. I even put extra money in it if there is something left at the end of the month or if my bank advisor tells me so. But when it came to examining the result I was left alone. All I could see was the actual balance. No one would tell me if my savings run well or not. So how do I find out the performance of my savings? What is the "real" interest rate I have got?

I am a software developer and I was interested in developing an app for Android. So why not put these things together and develop a savings planner that would tell me how well or bad my savings plan runs. Now here is my solution: Go to the Google Play Store and search for the app "Savings planner" or "Savings planner FREE". The latter comes at no cost and is restricted to one savings plan. You are welcome to test it and give feedback! The savings planner applies to savings in stock like mutual funds - anything that has an actual value and may go up or down. It does not apply to savings plans where the interest rate is fixed. For the savings planner to work it is not necessary to save regularly: You may of course but the planner is also designed to handle single payments only. And it is easy to use. A thorough description can be found on my website if you prefer to read and look before installing the app. Do not hesitate to ask any questions about the savings planner. I will be happy to answer them. The contact data can be found on my website.
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