Media literacy videos
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Media literacy videos
Just thought I'd keep MeFites updated on the progress of The Media Show, my show on media literacy, as people seem to have been interested in past episodes. We recently posted an episode on health claims in advertisements, as well as a more thoughtful meditation on whether recent ads using the Muppets violated the spirit in which Jim Henson created them. Earlier this year we made two videos on what it means to be a hacker, one with TV-B-Gone inventor Mitch Altman and one with 2600 editor Emmanuel Goldstein. And we're also particularly proud of our episode on how important spelling is online -- titled Syntax Terror -- which is a riff on a the old Kermit The Frog Tee Shirt sketch from Sesame Street and features the vocal stylings of MeFi's Own Yoz. Enjoy, and let me know if you end up using any of these with your students!
Role: Producer, writer, puppeteer
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