Wander: Olive Hopkins and the Ninth Kingdom
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Wander: Olive Hopkins and the Ninth Kingdom
I was fortunate enough to be part of the first wave of Monkeybrain Comics' digital initative with my new monthly series Wander, featuring art by Grace Allison and letters by Josh Krach. The first arc, entitled Wander: Olive Hopkins and the Ninth Kingdom explores what happens when a thoroughly modern 20-something finds herself plunged into a fantasy world straight out that section of Barnes & Noble she always avoided. A strip explaining the concept for the first arc is available here and there's also an eight-page preview of our first issue on the Monkeybrain site. You can buy the 22-page comic directly from Comixology's website or through the app on your mobile device for $1.99 if if you so desire.

One of the challenges for doing a digital comics series was making it as reader-friendly as possible, so that Comixology's guided view technology wouldn't "break" the page necessarily. I looked to European comics from creators such as Hergé for inspiration — they generally stuck on 6-to-8-panel grids — and actually used the iPad's screen as a template for the pages. While DC or Marvel titles on sale feature pillarboxing on either side, Wander takes full advantage of the screen and is easily read whether or not you're zoomed into individual panels.

It should also be noted that, unlike many other comics, Wander is creator owned, which means your purchase goes to support the creators, not a publishing concern.
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