R Money Music Video
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R Money Music Video
I made a music video envisioning Mitt Romney as a rapper named R Money who likes to rap about how wealthy he is. There is an interesting synchronicity between some aspects of hip hop culture and wealthy media figures like Donald Trump and Mitt Romney that make for a funny juxtaposition, I think.

I started the project in early March inspired by a post by the blogger BooMan. For the music I used a sample from the Joan Armatrading song, I'm Lucky, that I found crate digging a couple of years ago. I had the basic beat, but got a musician friend of mine come help me do some additional instrumentation and work on the song structure. He also performed the vocals, with myself doing the backup parts. The other obvious sample in the song is from Wu-Tang's C.R.E.A.M. track off their first album. Once I had the song more or less there I started on the music video. I used After Effects to composite everything and Illustrator and Photoshop to prep artwork. I started with animating Mitt's head, cutting out different photographs of his mouth for the phonemes. Once that was done I got a different friend to come out to my garage where I filmed him dancing around in a suit in front of a greenscreen. Stylistically, I was going for an over-the-top kind of music video feel with cartoonish elements to enhance its satirical nature, all while attempting to retain my voice as a filmmaker. Thanks for taking a look.
Role: Producer, Write, Director, Animator, Editor
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