A new Kindle Touch word game!
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A new Kindle Touch word game!
In February I released my first game ever - a word game for the Kindle - but we've just now finished up the version for Amazon's touchscreen Kindles. (I wrote on my blog that "it was a real thrill to finally see all the letters jumping happily around the screen in response to my fingertip.")

It's a personal triumph for me because this time I actually went deep into the code myself to fix some of the newer bugs we were experiencing on the Kindle Touch platform, and this is the end of more than 18 months of work on this project for me and my partner. The game is called "Throw in the Vowel," and it presents 750 different words in groups of 10, with their consonants in one column, and their vowels in another. It's gotten some great reviews on Amazon (which have helped a lot), and so far, people have described our game as "addictive" and "invigorating."
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