Meeting People While Fighting Off Wandering Monsters
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Meeting People While Fighting Off Wandering Monsters
This is a wilderness/dungeon crawl program that is interactive with other players. There is also a profile part where you can communicate with other members you have met offline. It requires no emails, downloads, or sign up. Doesn't even require a password, if you don't mind leaving the 'Secret Name' blank. Here is a screenshot with instructions.

Move around using the arrows keys or by clicking inside the map area. You can pick things up by stepping on them. Attacking threatening creatures also by stepping into them. If you step into a player, it will tell you their name and add them to your friend list. OR attack them if the safety is off. You can use basic items like weapons, armor. There is also magic if you survive long enough. Move off the visible map to go to the next area. In the very center there is a fountain. Move into the fountain to drink from it -- it replenishes health and strength. There are other fountains in towns nearby the starting area. Health returns over a period of 5 minutes of real time. But be careful, wandering monsters appear from the corners of the maps. Eating food will restore some health.

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HISTORICAL NOTE: First there was GG. GG invented the concept of turns and rounds and time began. Then computers came about and there was a move to codify the great opus. Moria, Rogue and many others sprouted up from the random VAX configurations of vast structures strung across Digital and DEC and UCLA. They say that the game Hack was developed in Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School during ancient times. It was later ported to 'nethack' to signify that it was available on the internet for downloading. I had always wanted to develop the next generation of HACK and make it truly NETHACK. Not just a solo dungeon crawl but a place where people and come and form parties before going to the cave entrances to hunt for fabled treasures or wander off on your own and assassinate lone wayfarers. Having almost graduated LSRHS, I hope some of the magic of Hack has rubbed off on me.
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A few extra notes: The game uses a turn based approach. Each turn is just a little longer then a second. The beating heart in the middle left should beat at that rate. This will help you get the timing of the game down.

Browsers: set to work with Chrome or Firefox only at this point. Working on IE next.

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