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Over 1000 artists organized by movement. Expressionist, Symbolist, Rennaissance, etc. Mashed up with wikipedia descriptions
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Very nice. Some conspicuous gaps (no futurism?) but I assume you'll be building on it? I wish this had been around when I was a student.
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I have a wonderfully useless degree in Art History, and I just love this project.
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It's a very worthy project. I have a couple of suggestions for the layout (keep in mind that these are coming from a layperson, not a web designer in any sense):

1: Is there a reason you can't make it a more landscape orientation. The timeline being split into two parts isn't a huge deal, but linear chronology really works best when it's presented as being totally linear. Also, your featured artists and the search tool are hidden at the botto of the page, I have to scroll down to find it.

2: When you dig down to an artists page and are presented with that nice gallery of pictures, could you provide some context for them as far as year and title of the piece?
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