#SciFund 2: The Sci-Fundining
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#SciFund 2: The Sci-Fundining
Science crowdfunding on the web is exploding with sites like Microryza, Petridish, and Cancer Research UK (which regularly brings in tens of thousands of pounds for projects). Now #SciFund, the largest science crowdfunding derby on the web is back, baby, for round 2. #SciFund is unique in that its purpose isn't just to crowdfund research, but to change academic culture and create better ties between scientists and the world around them. Indeed, after round 1, we did a number of fancy-pants analyses showing how scientists doing outreach work were going to be better able to use crowdfunding. Or just get the gestalt message from this post on Dr. Zen trying to become the Amanda Palmer of Science. But the real fun and joy of #SciFund is to see the videos these passionate scientists have made about their work...

Regardless of whether you're interested in funding, science outreach, or any of that, #SciFunders this round have created some amazing videos about the work. Check out some great descriptions of stellar cannibalism, a project bringing 3-d printable robots to schools, Japanese Monster Movie tributes to tiny tiny crabs, an introduction to pain science, research into redesigning hospital gowns, glowing mouse poop and much much more.

It's a giant science-a-palooza, so check it out and enjoy!
Role: #SciFund organizer and co-founder
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