Beating Bush
May 25, 2006 12:04 PM

Beating Bush
This is the first volume of my book about the 2004 election. It's not a book about George Bush (and it's even less about John Kerry). In fact, Beating Bush is not really about politics. Rather, it's about the experience 'on the ground' -- about regular people trying to save the world -- in stories of comedy, tragedy, and at least one romance. A synopsis is here.

The book reads like a novel, and it also lays out an argument concerning the kind of campaigns I was working on: corporatized, centralized, subcontracted 'grassroots' operations. My employer was Grassroots Campaigns, Inc. If you live in a major metropolitan area or a swing state, we probably approached you at least once-- though you wouldn't know it, as we were operating under the names of the Democratic National Committee and MoveOn PAC.

Beating Bush takes time to make its argument -- but in the next two weeks I'll be laying it out face-first (de-literarifed) in a series of blog posts. [Spoiler alert!] Head there if you'd like to find out more about the subject -- or, even better, if you've participated in such a campaign and can share your experience. (And if you know what a PIRG is, or what 'the Fund' is, you might be especially interested in this.)
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