Meet The Lady - Two Years Later
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Meet The Lady - Two Years Later
Since first posted to MeFi over two years ago, Meet The Lady has branched out in many directions. We've amassed a found photo archive of over 325 original pictures, mostly salvaged from flea markets, trash heaps, and abandoned family albums (captions preserved where possible). We are also a live variety show, part of the film program at NYC's venerable 92nd Street Y.

Our events have included live and in-person tributes to actresses such as Beth Grant (here's our Q&A at The Hairpin) and Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman star Louise Lasser (photos). In Lasser's case, we also hosted an extremely rare screening of her 1977 film "Just Me and You," which ended up being covered by The Wall Street Journal. We've been visited by the likes of Nellie McKay, Peggy Lipton, Sheryl Lee (audio link), and many other amazing ladies in the performing arts. Otherwise we explore femme-centric themes such as dream sequences, female stalkers, working girls, and frenemies.

At our April 27th event, Meet The Lady: Cat Women we will welcome the author Valerie Martin to discuss her 1994 novel The Great Divorce, and we'll also speak with the president of the new National Women's History Museum that's coming soon to Washington D.C. Thank you to ALL the mefites who have come to our events and supported us over the years.

The afore-linked found photo collection is offered as a special source of inspiration, reclaiming memories of mundane, fabulous, joyous, and tragic ladies from all walks of life. We'll be selling special photo albums and greeting cards on April 15th at the first ever Brooklyn Zine Fest.

Bonus material: One of our comedy videos was reblogged by the Huffington Post. Also, MTL's companion site, "Well Hello, Sir!" is also still going strong.
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I collect photos of women that are long gone but beautiful. I started this with the nebulous idea that I wanted to write a time travel story about a man that fell in love with a woman and had to go back in time to meet her, but she doesn't meet his expectations (he's too modern and civil). So he tries again and again, going further and further back.

I wanted to illustrate the story with these photos. I've never gotten around to writing this store because I've been afraid of being sued for the use of the images.

I have a few photos I could scan. Do you take submissions?
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I do take submissions! Would be happy to link them back to you in anything I post.
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