Built Dublin
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Built Dublin
Built Dublin is a love letter to architecture and public space in Dublin, Ireland. It's a blog highlighting beautiful, interesting, important and strange things in Dublin's built environment, from big buildings to small details.

It grew out of the project I was planning when I posted this AskMe looking for naming help - thanks!
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posted by carbide (5 comments total)

This is lovely! The theme shows off the stories well, and the photos are great.

For a while I've been trying to think about how to make something to tell the stories of historical details around my area (in some way with more attractiveness than my current practice of just uploading photos to Flickr and geotagging them, or posting stories to my local Reddit board), so it's really fun to see this. I recently tried adding a few geotagged stories to Pinwheel, which was nice since it got me to write a little, but I didn't stick with it. If you're interested in poking around Pinwheel and don't have an "invitation" to it yet, let me know and I'll send you one; it has some thoughtful users interested in architecture, so it might be fun to cross-post some things there.

Suggestions: It might be nice to have another top menu item for a big map with a pin linking to each post - you may have already thought about that though; it would probably be a little tedious to maintain. I'd also consider having a category for each era - 1920s, 1800s, etc. - so that people can browse details by time.
posted by dreamyshade at 5:38 PM on March 14, 2012

Thanks, dreamyshade, I really appreciate the suggestions! The decade/period tags is good and I had begun tagging by year but it's unhelpful to the intended audience (general public, casual interest!), and I think I should do a weekly mapping update or something on a big map listed – as you suggest – on the menu.
posted by carbide at 2:40 AM on March 15, 2012

HI -- I'm having a weird problem when I click through to each individual entries. I can see the photos fine on the main page, but when I click through to each individual entry, the photos go away!

I may be just on an old computer (work computer, MS Office 2003), so let me check at home.
posted by EmpressCallipygos at 11:06 AM on March 16, 2012

Weird! Thanks for noting it, it hasn't cropped up elsewhere. Any luck at home?
posted by carbide at 12:41 PM on March 17, 2012

EmpressCallipygos, you ended up being the first of many (all cursing their work computers, heh) to point out that there was an issue with the gallery and IE8. Finally resolved, but I wanted to say thank you!
posted by carbide at 4:02 PM on March 30, 2012

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