Cell Blast, the cellular automata simulator for iPad
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Cell Blast, the cellular automata simulator for iPad
I've published my first iOS app! Cell Blast (iPad only, I'm afraid) allows you to simulate John Conway's Game of Life, the classic cellular automaton. You can also create your own (much more complex) automata rules and play them out on a 100x100 - 400x400 grid.

I wanted to start with something reasonably simple with my first iPad application, just to see if I could shepherd the project from start to finish. I'm pretty happy with the results...Cocos2D made the graphics routines much easier.

From the description page:

Cell Blast is a platform for the construction of cellular automata. A cellular automaton is a computational model in which a series of cells are laid out in one or more dimensions, such as a two-dimensional grid. Each cell may exist in a series of states, and these cells evolve based on a series of rules that are processed in discrete time steps. As each step passes, each cell is processed according to these rules.


I've provided five different coloured tokens, so you have six states - the tokens, plus the empty state. I made a GUI coding tool that allows you to create complex conditional statements (up to 3 clauses) for each token.

Anyway, the full help may be found here, if you're interested. Any feed back is, of course, welcome. Thanks!
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