the square foot
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the square foot
A new photoblog documenting Portland one square foot at a time. Flora, fauna, graffiti, food, art, &c. A few new pictures each day.

I have trouble remembering to look around sometimes; this project is in part an attempt to be better about paying attention to the little details around me, in my neighborhood and around town, a way for me to really get my hands on the town and to remember to keep my eyes open and not just get wrapped up in getting from Point A to Point B.

I also really enjoy recalibrating my sense of scale, and the literal square foot frame puts a sense of metric context to things that might otherwise just seem to be biggish or smallish at a distance. There's something really interesting to me about the way things can suddenly become so much bigger when you get closer to them than you have before, or the way things that can seem bigger than they are because they're in your face.
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Zounds, this is exactly the kind of photography I love the most (and love to do).
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