A wiki for the #occupywallstreet, #occupytogether and any #occupy-related protests
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A wiki for the #occupywallstreet, #occupytogether and any #occupy-related protests
I set up a wiki for people involved in the #occupy protests. I would love for this to expand into a hub where people can add information for their local protests. I was also leaning towards collecting relevant political and economic educational materials, protest ideas, camping advice, "ideology" advice and quotes about being inclusive, nonviolent and open-minded, recommended reading, and/or links to current media coverage.

I know there's a ton of #occupy related sites out there by now - if anyone knows of a single global wiki like this that exists already, please refer me to it and i'll contribute there instead! In the meantime, I'll be (slowly, secretively-while-at-work) organizing the pages, updating for my local protest and adding inspirational comments I find. Comments/advice desired, contribution (in terms of pages, not $) highly encouraged!

I did this for the protests since I support their goals, but have not yet made a decision on camping there myself, and it's really kind of all I can think about lately. I'd really like to help with their organization across many states (and even countries it seems like?! whoa). It seems important to keep the movement from being co-opted by groups of any kind, and I thought this might help.

This project was inspired by twitter user @rekha6's "#occupyboston crowdsourced reading list" [Google doc].
Role: Bought hosting, doman, set up mediawiki.
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