Miss Gender — A Video Podcast About my Transition From One Gender to Another
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Miss Gender — A Video Podcast About my Transition From One Gender to Another
Miss Gender is a video podcast created by Jay Frosting and me about about my transition from male to female. I’ve been contemplating my gender identity since I was 13 or 14 and, now in my mid-30s, I’ve started to get my head around the reality that I’m transgender.

On the show we talk about how I came to realize I’m transgender, coming out to my parents and other family members, mulling over how to handle things at work, and simply trying to get the hang of being a girl.

We have an iTunes Video feed and an iTunes Audio feed.

I realize my MeFi username is a bit obscure, but my friends call me Ashley.
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Thanks for sharing your story. My brother in law is also a transgender (so used to be my sister in law) and it was hard to find any other people to discuss the matter with. All in all I found it very difficult but it was all for the better. I'm happy you share your tale it will help many... especially parents and family members. Thanks.
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Wow, really well-made, honest and informative. I have little to no experience with any of this being a straight male with no friends that I know of who are transgendered, but it really helps me understand and be more sensitive.

Great job, Ashley and Jay. Keep up the great work!
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Very cool to see you doing this Ashley. We talked about it a bit at SxSW, and it's wonderful to see you feeling even more comfortable on your journey.
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Really looking forward to listening. Congrats Ashley.
posted by Sophie1 at 7:14 AM on September 14, 2011

Thanks you so much, Ashley, for sharing your story - it's very compelling and will go a long way to promote understanding. You and Jay have done this so thoughtfully - I think it will help so many people. Before I got 10 minutes into the first video, I hit pause to run, not walk, to mail Miss Gender to my friend who is helping her teen transition.

You're pretty awesome to share in such detail. If I could reach out and hug you right now, I would.
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I'm with Argyle, I enjoyed meeting you at SXSW and have been enjoying this and your tweets and especially some of the stuff you've been posting on MLKSHK. I did find the audio a little easier to sort of listen to than the back and forth video cuts between the two of you, this may be my little twitchy style thing. So glad you're putting this out there!
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