Projectionists Draw Projectors
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Projectionists Draw Projectors
I've been asking all the film projectionists I know (and kind of know, or even ones who I just met) to draw pictures of projectors. It's partly an art project, but it's also intended to be something like a high-speed oral history project around a skill that used to be ubiquitous but isn't so much anymore.

It was probably subconciously inspired by this art exhibit, which I saw at the University of Chicago a few years ago.

I did the not-so-great scanning, touching-up, and "web design" (such as it is) myself. Do let me know if anything with the formatting looks weird or if there's any easy fix for some of the cumbersomeness of it that I'm too clueless to know about.

And it should go without saying, but I'll say it anyway - if you are or have been a film projectionist of any sort you should draw me a projector and mail it to me!
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This project is now mostly hosted on Tumblr, though I plan to keep the original website sporadically up to date for archival purposes.
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