Super Bride and Groom - Retro Flash Platformer
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Super Bride and Groom - Retro Flash Platformer
Super Mario-style flash fun! Bride and Groom are happily heading down the aisle when pieces of their wedding are scattered by the mischievous Mr. X. Can they find their food, friends, and decorations and save the day?

I am half of the team releasing this game--artist and designer. The other half is my husband, who did the programming. We based it on our wedding, and mostly made the game while we were trying to get the logistics and planning in line.
Role: I made this! Artist and designer.
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Fun! A couple of things, if you're looking to create a 2.0 version (or 1.5). You might want to use an retro 8-bit font for the text. There are plenty of free ones available online and they're easy to implement in Flash. Second, is there a save game feature? That might be nice. Anyway, thanks for sharing!
posted by hiteleven at 11:45 AM on June 21, 2011

Hey hiteleven, I thought about using an 8-bit font, but found that they looked a little *too* low-fi for UI purposes. The pixel-y nature of those fonts often detracts from their legibility. It's tough to strike that balance while making a retro game, especially if you want to have a certain level of visual polish.

And the game saves automatically as a Flash local storage object. You can pick it up again anytime on the same computer, so long as you don't clear that cache.
posted by erinfern at 12:03 PM on June 21, 2011

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