ShortWaveMusic 2011: United Arab Emirates
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ShortWaveMusic 2011: United Arab Emirates
My documentary radio project, ShortWaveMusic [prev], has gone global! This is a new short video documenting the 2011 season, filmed on location throughout the United Arab Emirates in October 2010. (Future editions will include Ghana, Indonesia, and Ethiopia. Prior seasons were recorded in Ibiza and Bulgaria.)

ShortWaveMusic is my principal lifelong project: a documentary series which preserves the sound of music (and/or musical speech and noise) as heard via shortwave radio. Each year, I take my radio and recording equipment abroad and spend a few weeks methodically recording the broadcasts heard from that location. These broadcasts may include local low-power stations, pirate and clandestine transmissions, or traditional licensed international broadcasters. The material from each trip is then serialized on this site on a semi-regular basis throughout the following year. My long-term goal is to tell the story of shortwave broadcasting in the early 21st century by capturing the extraordinary and varied ways in which people continue to communicate by radio, despite the advent of newer and more glamorous technologies.
Role: creator, curator, producer
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Your recordings are awesome! Thank you.
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