Without a Net: Librarians Bridging the Digital Divide
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Without a Net: Librarians Bridging the Digital Divide
I wrote a book! It's at the printers. I made a website for it that contains the appendix, some supporting information/handouts/links and some other stuff. I used the INFLUX one-pager design (thanks ArcAm) and then I tampered with it. It's fine if you don't buy it. I'm just so happy it's finished.
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Love the site! One thing, there's a weird stripe that mars each content box when it's opened. Only happens if it's the top-most content box that's opening. That is, doesn't matter which one you open first, the stripe will be there, but opening lower ones while the first one is still open doesn't produce another stripe. Leaving a lower one open and then closing/opening one above it produces the stripe in the upper box. If the lower one had the stripe, opening a box above it will remove it from the lower box but put it in the upper (just-opened) box.

OMG, convoluted enough? THERE'S A STRIPE. Sometimes.

WinXP, Chrome 10.0.648.204
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Fascinating, I haven't seen that in all the sites I've tried. Can you email me a screenshot?
posted by jessamyn at 6:43 PM on April 19, 2011

Congratulations; I am very proud of you.
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yay! Finalmente!
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Yep, I don't have a copy in my hands yet, but it's at the printers.
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I also get the stripe, on Chrome / Windows 7.

But this is cool! Congratulations!
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Looks good on Safari under SL.

Congrats on getting your book done. Between this and modding you've been behind a screen a lot I imagine. It takes dedication to put that kind of work in.
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(Small observation - under "About Jessamyn West" it says you've been teaching people to use computers since you went to library school, but doesn't say how long that has been. Then it says five years in Vermont. Then under "FAQ" it says you've been teaching people to use computers for fifteen years. Not sure if that is on purpose, but you might want to put the higher number in your "About me" section so that people who want to write articles about the book will find that authoritative sounding number more easily.)
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Congratulations for the book.
The site is great too.
It could be useful to add a category to collect blurbs and links to reviews.
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Interesting! I'm glad to see that you don't belong to that class of librarians that believes computers are evil and that we should all go back to this falsified prewar utopia where everyone read newspapers in comfy chairs every morning and evening...I just finished 1st year LIS school and I get that a lot.
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bru, LobsterMitten, thanks for the good ideas. I added a date to the library school thing and I think I'll add blurbs in the "about the book" section, once there are blurbs.

hiteleven, I am so sorry. It gets better!
posted by jessamyn at 8:07 AM on April 20, 2011

Congrats--it looks great!
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Amazon.com says the estimated shipping date is June 6th can't wait!
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Mine arrived today! Yippee!
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This book is now available for free online (legally) thanks to the UnglueIt project.
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