Become An Ultimate Problem Solver
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Become An Ultimate Problem Solver
If you work in IT, know your way around a computer or are just a puzzle-loving nerd, you should check out this site. Each level contains the password to the next. Solve all 50 to earn the title of Ultimate Problem Solver.
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posted by missjenny (7 comments total)

I think Level 31 is confusing KBps and Kbps.
posted by theodolite at 11:53 AM on April 19, 2011

Our developer is updating it to KBps as I type. Thanks for the note. Hope you're enjoying the site otherwise.
posted by missjenny at 11:58 AM on April 19, 2011

Well, I beat it without running into too much trouble, and I'm usually awful at these things. I wasn't happy with the fact that I needed to provide a company who's obviously trying to sell me something with my phone number and email address, with no apparent privacy policy.
posted by theodolite at 12:56 PM on April 19, 2011

We're not collecting a single piece of information -- I swear. The registration is purely for convenience and to give some accountability for the Wall of Fame. As for the privacy policy -- it's in the footer ;)
posted by missjenny at 1:45 PM on April 19, 2011

Its been done before but I've never seen it as a corporate ad.

A couple had me stumped for a minute or 2 but I got fed up at 20 - wiping the input box when you click on it is annoying and so simple to fix - I get you want to wipe the "What's the password?" thing but not every wrong answer is completely wrong, sometimes you just want to fix a typo and the whole box got wiped. But its really frustrating me on #20 because I've typed in that number in every combination of spacing and dashes I can think of and it isn't right but I've had to re-type it every time. I'm guess its some sort of US phone number but googling it didn't get me very far - I see someone on twitter being told to call a number but that aint going to happen ;)
posted by missmagenta at 11:24 AM on April 20, 2011

At first I thought, "Ooh this is going to be fun!" But then on level 3 I read:

"No matter what TIME it is, Qwest's national network with built-in security ensures that your data is both accessible and protected."

And then I felt like I was being scammed by an ad agency and quit.
posted by Terheyden at 11:23 AM on May 6, 2011 [2 favorites]

I like it, I like the puzzles. I don't care if it comes across as a scam to advertise Quest to me.
posted by indigo4963 at 9:02 AM on May 17, 2011

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