How Fucked Is Muni?
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How Fucked Is Muni?
A web app to tell you how broken your favorite San Francisco MTA route is. Right now it's pretty simple, just pulling data from the NextMuni API when it's asked for a specific route, but I plan to revamp it this weekend to have it do periodic polling on each line so I can display stats on the front page. Other improvements in the works: get published schedules so the app will only show lines currently running, adjust the headway thresholds based on scheduled headway, collect stats for each line to rank the most broken lines in the system... got anything else I should do with this?
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posted by spitefulcrow (1 comment total)

Cool. I just checked four and none were particularly fucked, so I'd suggest an option:"Which line is most fucked right now?"

Also, the most commonly called status categories could pick from a few text options ("not particularly fucked" "no more fucked than you'd expect" "not fucked if you're okay with 45-minute headways in a major metro area").
posted by salvia at 10:52 PM on May 2, 2011

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