Lisa Star and the Solstice Academy
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Lisa Star and the Solstice Academy a book that I wrote in 2005. I shopped it around to a dozen different publishers when I finished it, but I didn't really know what I was doing, and none of them were interested, so I just ended up shelving it for a few years. When I read the Amanda Hocking post here on MeFi I decided I might as well dust it off and publish it to Kindle, which was a fairly simple process, and the Lois Lane, Girl Reporter post reminded me to post about it here in MeFi Projects.

I don't really consider myself a novelist, but I do consider myself a "do way too many different things"-ist, and I think this is a pretty good entry in the "write a novel" section of the "way too many different things" checklist. The story is sort of 1/3 Harry Potter, 1/3 Amber, and 1/3 original content, and a big part of why I wrote it is because I wanted there to be more YA fantasy novels where the protagonist is A: Female, and B: Not an orphan.

According to a complete stranger on Goodreads, it'll keep you entertained on a commuter train ride, which is pretty much the level I was aiming for.

I've jokingly promised that once it sells 10,000 copies I'll finish the sequel. Only 9,987 to go! :)
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I should add that I wrote this book before the Twilight craze, and although Twilight's protagonist is also female and not an orphan I hope that Lisa Star is more likable and less-easily replaced by a LEGO.
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Although Bella Swan is technically not an orphan, her mom and dad are not exactly involved parents - her mom ran off with a new guy and her dad could easily have been replaced with an uncle or grandfather or something.

Just realized that I can read Kindle books on my PC with a free program, so I'm looking forward to pleasant lunchtime entertainment!
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Hooray! Hope you like it, muddgirl! :)
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...and yeah, there are Kindle readers available for Windows, Mac, Linux (via Wine), i-whateva, Android, and Blackberry.

...and also Kindle. But I'm waiting to buy a Kindle until they're free. :)
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thanks for the positive Amazon review, muddgirl, assuming that was you! :)
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