GLTI.CH Karaoke
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GLTI.CH Karaoke
is a virtual jukebox oozing with time-delayed, glitchy fun. Streaming live over the web, London and Kumamoto will be joined in a sing off to end all sing offs. The first GLTI.CH KARAOKE event will laugh in the face of the nine hour time difference, of poor bandwidth, bad lip syncing, and terrible foreign language translations. All that matters is that the interwebs keep running and the participants keep on singing. From our first event we will encourage a whole series GLTI.CH Karaoke happenings. Using webstreaming software our eventual aim is to link up multiple cities across the globe for an all-out, Noon til Noon, 24 hour Karaoke marathon. This means we need YOU to help host future events, with all proceeds raised going to The Japan Society Tohoku Earthquake Relief Fund.

GLTI.CH KARAOKE will be hosting our first live karaoke event from Noon on Saturday 2nd of April. In conjunction with Meanwhile Space (Whitechapel, London) and the citizens of Kumamoto City, Japan, all proceeds raised will go to The Japan Society Tohoku Earthquake Relief Fund.

Join us in London or Kumamoto, or watch the event streamed live online at

Send us your GLTI.CH Karaoke ideas at our website and twitter feed. Language is no barrier - just as long as you can find it on YouTube, we'll try and sing it!
Role: Co-host / organiser
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