Screw New York
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Screw New York
The MeFi Advantage: 50% off an Ellie-nominated writer's account of his search for an alternative to New York's narcissistic ethos -- and the globe-spanning adventure that followed. An Amazon Kindle Single. Yours for 99 cents! Enter coupon code BX98F. MeFites only. Offer good until March 30th.

"This small, extraordinary book has more to say about life, disappointment, New York, Tibet, India, the holy, and the profane, than most other books could say in ten times as many pages. Oliver Broudy's astounding, funny, harrowing, and finally quite sad experience with a millionaire philanthropist and arch eccentric--a man as saintly as he is demonic--is conveyed in prose as startling as cold water. This is a book I deeply envy, a book I will read again--probably immediately."
--Tom Bissell, author of Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter

"With the intrepidity of a classic explorer, Broudy journeys to the border between India and Tibet to demarcate the fine line between saintliness and selfishness. 'The Saint' abounds with intelligence and insight, mapping a uniquely memorable route on the never ending quest for personal fulfillment."
--Myla Goldberg, author of Bee Season Review
New Yorkers occasionally suffer from a unique and unlikely loneliness, despite the frenzy of cultural activity that surrounds them. Call it "center-of-the-world ennui." Attempting to combat his own bout of the Gotham blues, author Oliver Broudy is looking for an escape when a routine journalism gig lands him the project of his life: namely, one James Otis, idea man, collector of Gandhi-related memorabilia, and wealthy devotee of the great Mahatma. So begins a truly great adventure that drags Broudy halfway around the world and through a whiplashing gauntlet of emotional crests and troughs, forcing him to play friend, protector, fixer, PR agent, and a host of other duties on Otis's behalf. Luckily for readers, Broudy maintains an intelligent open-mindedness--if not throughout, at least in the recall--in the face of lies, danger, and significant self-discovery. (He also assembles as rich a working definition of sainthood as any I've comes across outside of canonical hagiography.) The Saint succeeds on all levels: as profile, as travelogue, as a tale of true adventure. Highly, highly recommended. --Jason Kirk
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Ready to buy this. Can you tell me how to use the coupon? I can't figure out where the code goes in Amazon's Kindle store -- or do I need to register in this Smashwords? Happy to pay the $1.99, but happy to use the coupon as a way to show Metafilter people are buying it.
posted by kenlayne at 8:25 PM on March 23, 2011

I think you have to go through Smashwords. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't support coupons.

Thanks for your interest!!
posted by It ain't over yet at 3:48 PM on March 24, 2011

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